From:    Kevin Petersen, Partner at SerialNine Mfg. Inc.

Jimmy Le-Tang has been instrumental in our success. When we first hired Jimmy we basically had no accounting or bookkeeping processes. He was able to walk us through all of the correct procedures in order for us to have up to date bookkeeping. 

We recently went to the Business Development Bank of Canada for additional financing. We needed some proper accountant prepared financial statements and some that were simply printed from our existing bookkeeping software. Jimmy determined exactly which documents were needed so that he can minimize his fees. Additionally, we took a financial literacy course through the BDC. They asked to speak to our accountant to make sure we all held the same vision and also that our accountant was up to the task. Our instructor had many positive things to say about Jimmy and had no worries about him taking care of our financial statements.

Last year the CRA decided to conduct a review of our GST returns. Jimmy called them straight away to get us an extension on the very short time frame we had to provide our evidence.  I had to prepare a list with copies of receipts and invoices, many of which did not reconcile to the filed GST return; however, Jimmy was able to submit a written explanation on why some of the receipts and invoices didn’t match exactly. In the end the CRA concluded that our GST return was accurate and complete and they processed our request for the refund.  Instead of paying the CRA $44,000 dollars, we got our refund of $8,000 which was a difference for us of $52,000.   
Jimmy offers amazing value and I would highly recommend him
If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kevin Petersen, Partner

SerialNine Mfg. Inc.